How to Get Paint Out of a Carpet April 12, 2018

While it’s always better to take precautions and protect carpets from spills when you’re working with paint, sometimes accidents can happen. You don’t have to give up and scrap the carpet immediately. There are a few ways that you can attempt to save your carpet.

The success of this will depend on the type of paint spilled as well as the quantity of the paint that spilled. You can use a Round Rock carpet cleaning service to help you out.

Water based paint

Minimize most of the potential damage by gently blotting a damp paper towel on the paint. It’s important not to scrub or press down too hard. This will drive the paint deeper into the carpet and make it very difficult to remove later on.

Round Rock carpet cleaning

Any residual paint can be removed by soaking the stain with a cup of hot water that has a teaspoon of gentle dishwashing detergent mixed in. This will soften the stain if it has dried and make it easier for you to scrape it away using a knife or a spatula.

Latex paint

Latex paints can be removed in a similar way to water based paint, but instead of scraping the paint it is recommended to continue blotting the area.

After blotting as much of the paint away as possible, let the area dry. A quick vacuum over the dried area should remove any residual paint.

Oil based paint

Oil based paints are a bit trickier to remove than other paints. You’ll need a handheld steamer to be able to soften the area enough to remove the stain. After the stain has been softened, you’ll need to work very gently picking away at the paint using a pin.

It’s important to work gently when you’re doing this. It’s easy to damage the fibers of the carpet as you are pulling the paint away.

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