How To Maximize Garden Space April 12, 2018

Nowadays, when spaces tend to be reduced, something that usually worries people is how to use that space in an efficient way.

For this, it is best to turn to a landscape professional, who will know how to plan this space by using a specific garden style (Zen , minimalist, wild, etc.) and a practical distribution of it. Get a landscaping company Orlando to help you out.

For amateur people who want to make their own garden, don’t be scared. As small as it may be, in the minimum space you can get amazing results while remaining sensible.

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Once we know the possibilities we have, we will get to work taking into account the advice we suggest for this type of small spaces:

– Light colored plants (gray, golden, yellowish … etc.) give optical sensation of greater space since the light colors reflect more light and more clearly than green.

– The same sensation is found with plants with tiny leaves, which cause the psychological effect of distance, as opposed to plants with large leaves that stifle the feeling of living space.

– Create different areas, even if they are very small because this optically gives a greater sense of whole than leaving a unified area where the view loses the real perception of the comparative space and “dwarfs” optically. Everyone knows that when we began to furnish an empty room (which seemed small) is when we realize the real dimension of your space.

– As for decorative objects, they should be used with extreme caution.

– The sound elements, such as water games, whether a wall fountain, a small fountain, bells for the trees, sound plants such as bamboo, etc., create a well-being due to the spiritual sensation of the noise.