Signs You Need a Garbage Disposal Repair April 12, 2018

Everyone appreciates the garbage disposal in their kitchen sink, but oftentimes use it for purposes other than those intended. As result, the disposal is easily damaged, which leads to an array of plumbing problems if the matter isn’t quickly addressed. There are a few things that you can do to keep your disposal in the best condition.

·    Do not put potato or fruit peels down the disposal

·    Do not use the disposal as a mini-trash can

·    Do not pour grease into the disposal

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·    Clean the disposal weekly

If these things do not keep the garbage disposal at its best, there are signs that indicate trouble. Understand those signs and make sure that you act upon them quickly. Many of the problems with the disposal are easy to repair on your own, but it is easy to call the fox valley plumbing company if you prefer or if the repair is out of your league.

Signs that you might need a garbage disposal repair:

–   Loud Noises: If the disposal is making loud noises, first rule out a monster inside the sink. Your kids will thank you. Next, make sure nothing is stuck inside the disposal which can lead to loud noises. If these are not the issues causing noises, there could be a problem with the motor.

–   Won’t Turn On: Check to make sure nothing has caught the blades of the disposal if it will not turn on. Do this when the disposal is turned off. If there is nothing trapped causing the blades to malfunction, you need a repair.

–   Leaks: Underneath the sink leaks could be caused by a leaking pipe, but it is also possible that it is the garbage disposal that is causing concern. A replacement of the disposal unit should handle the problem.